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It is the basis for proteins in plants and animals, and is present in the chloroplasts, which are the molecules within plants that perform photosynthesis, making food for the plants.
Phosphorus is often referred to as "The Energizer" for its role in converting the sun's energy into food, fuel and fiber.
Potassium is one of the three primary crop nutrients required for plant growth. Potassium serves as the "Regulator" of many essential processes within the plant.  

NPK Compound Fertilizer Blend

SKU: 366615376135191
R5 660,00Price
1000 Kilograms
  • Product Name Formula
    NP Fertilizer NPK18-18-0  NPK20-20-0  NPK16-20-0   NPK23-21-0+4S
    PK Fertilizer NPK0-5-35  NPK0-10-20  NPK0-18-18  NPK0-20-20  NPK0-23-29     NPK0-23-20
    NK Fertilizer NPK15-0-10  NPK19-0-19  NPK18-0-27   NPK20-0-20  NPK20-0-30
    NPK Fertilizer NPK30-10-10 NPK10-10-20  NPK10-20-20  NPK11-22-16  NPK12-24-12  NPK13-13-21  NPK16-16-8  NPK15-15-15  NPK17-17-17  NPK17-7-17 NPK20-10-10 NPK12-12-17+2MgO   NPK18-18-5+1.5MgO
    Organic Fertilizer NPK5-5-5+OM  NPK8-8-8+OM  NPK12-1-4+10%OM NPK10-0-8+10%OM
    Size Granular 2-4mm
    We Also Can Do Special Formula As Your Request.
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